Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room Care in Sarasota, FL

Why Choose AFC Urgent Care Sarasota?

uc-erWhen someone you love requires immediate attention:

Time is of the essence when a loved one is injured or under the weather. We all know that illness does not cooperate with the 9 to 5 workday. It’s after hours and your pediatrician is closed. AFC Urgent Care Sarasota, is open 7 days a week, from 9AM to 9PM Monday thru Friday and 9AM to 5PM Saturday and Sunday. Our team is waiting to take care of you and your loved ones. Our walk-in clinic caters to Pediatric Urgent Care and is a Family Care Health Center. AFC Urgent Care Sarasota is like one stop shopping. Our doctors are trained to care for all ages’, from infants to Grandparents.

From pediatric check-ups, immunizations broken bones, minor fractures, sprains & dislocations, abrasions, cuts, & stitches to conjunctivitis (pinkeye), bug bites, asthma & allergies. Whether you are suffering from and earaches, sore throat, rashes, fevers and nose bleeds, vomiting & diarrhea, minor burns, bronchitis, sinus infections, cough, cold & flu symptoms to name just a few, our professional team of Doctors, and technicians are ready, with open arms to help with your aches and pains.

Emergency rooms are costly, intimidating and time consuming:

While emergency rooms are essential for life-threatening conditions, there is a spectrum of reasons why choosing an Urgent care facility is wise and practical. In fact, data from The New England Health Institute shows that 47% of emergency room patients could have been cared for at Urgent Care Facilities and approximately 43% are admitted to the hospital. As a result, it has been estimated that over 18 billion dollars could be saved annually.

Here are a few alarming reasons why one should choose carefully between Urgent Care and Emergency rooms:

Emergency rooms:

  • Medical costs from an emergency room can become astronomical. There is a price to pay every test, every technician, and very doctor that walks into your room or consults with the nurses, is a charge on your card.
  • Emergency room bills become inflated without the patient’s consent
  • Medical debt are the number one cause for people to elect to go Bankrupt
  • Average waiting time is 2 ½ hours

Urgent Care Facilities

  • The fee for an urgent care visit averages less than $150.
  • Every test is discussed and reviewed with the patient before proceeding
  • The waiting time for seeing a physician is more often than not less than 30 minutes

Compassion, kindness and devotion is the strategy our team lives by:

Our urgent care clinic is your best strategy for receiving A+ service and immediate attention. No appointment necessary and walk-in’s are welcome! AFC Urgent Care Sarasota is open 7 days a week, from 9AM to 9PM Monday thru Friday and 9AM to 5PM Saturday and Sunday. Located at 2901 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34239.

Formerly AFC Doctors Express